Visitor’s Guide: Quarry Hill Winery

This week I continued my wine journey at Quarry Hill Winery – a vineyard/orchard that sits 834 feet above sea level, overlooking the countryside of Berlin Heights, Ohio.  While visiting my boyfriend, Luke, over Spring Break, he decided to take me to Quarry Hill (his mother’s favorite winery in the area).  I saw this as the perfect opportunity to feature a guest taster for my wine review.

While driving up to Quarry Hill, I immediately fell in love with the exterior.  Not only is the winery placed perfectly on top of a hill, but it is surrounded by rows and rows of grape vines and other fruit trees.  The winery itself looks similar to a modern house with a large wrap around deck and exposed stone around the building.


After entering Quarry Hill, Luke and I were immediately greeted with a welcoming smile from the bartender.  We each ordered a different glass of the winery’s fruit wine to try – Cherry for him, Blueberry for myself.  Within the building, there were plenty of smaller and larger tables, all of which were filled with groups enjoying that evening’s live music.  We found a single open table and began our wine tasting while listening to “Live Blues with Tyrone.”

Quarry Hill Cherry (Fruit Wine)


  • Taste:  Rachel: 7/10, Luke: 9/10
  • Color:  Mid-Red
  • Sweet or Dry:  Medium-Sweet
  • Flavor Profile:  tart and sweet like a fresh picked cherry
  • Price:  $6 per glass

Quarry Hill Blueberry (Fruit Wine)


  • Taste:  Rachel: 8/10, Luke: 8/10
  • Color:  Mid-Red
  • Sweet or Dry:  Sweet, but not too sweet
  • Flavor Profile:  Slightly tangy like a fresh blueberry
  • Price:  $6 per glass

Quarry Hill Riesling


  • Taste:  Rachel: 7/10, Luke: 6/10
  • Color:  Soft Yellow
  • Sweet or Dry:  Medium-Dry
  • Flavor Profile:  Crisp and citrus
  • Price:  $6 per glass

Quarry Hill Pinot Grigio


  • Taste:  Rachel: 8/10, Luke: 6/10
  • Color:  Mid-Yellow
  • Sweet or Dry:  Medium-Dry
  • Flavor Profile:  Floral and citrus
  • Price:  $6 per glass


Final Thoughts

Quarry Hill is simply beautiful and a great place to enjoy some wine and live music (:Live Blues with Tyrone” was a pleasant surprise!).  I cannot wait to come back for a visit in the summer and take advantage of the nice weather and amazing outdoor patio.  I would highly recommend a visit to Berlin Heights and Quarry Hill if you are ever up by Lake Erie this spring or summer season.


Happy Wining! 😉


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